image of colored pencilsI have a JMU Communications and Theater BS, and a SJSU Creative Writing MFA. I have my own communications company, Tree Falls Productions. Here’s my resume and an AARP feature about my family, “Women who wanted more.” 

I’m the daughter of a cultural anthropologist, the retired education director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, who opened the Lucy Burns Museum to commemorate the centennial of suffrage, and the FCC’s retired deputy managing director, so communications is in my blood. My sister, grandmother and grandfather, great-aunts and aunts are teachers and principals so education is a family value. And I live on School Street, so, I mean, come on.

I’m an activist working with legislators like Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.

I grew up outside the Beltway, have lived in London, Amsterdam, and the Bay Area, have taught and performed in Edinburgh and around the Americas, and was a China and Taiwan Global Technology Initiative Scholar, touring Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, including Tsinghua, Tongji, Zhejiang and National Central universities.

I play a COPA officer in episodes #610 and #613 of NBC’s Chicago PD.

I spent Y2K in Buenos Aires, and now I’m a Windy City culture vulture. I like dogs and cats, yoga and weight lifting, acting and activism, as well as narrative nonfiction. I’m an occasional barefoot tennis player.